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Essential Oil Inhaler Kit
31 Piece Do-It-Yourself

Perfume ID#:  208
Perfumer:  Essential Oil Inhaler Kit
 31 Piece Do-It-Yourself

Description:  For Aromatherapy on the Go. Convenient for Airplanes, Schools, Sports and on the Job! About the same size as a lip balm tube, they fit easily in the smallest purse or pocket, making it possible to enjoy personal aromatherapy anywhere, anytime. Essential oil inhalers can be used at work when you're stressed, in your car when you experience fatigue or frustration, in the bedroom to warm your passion, or even in nature to enhance the experience. You can use essential oil inhalers just because they smell good and they’re fun... the therapeutic benefits seem to follow quite naturally. Simply place the cotton rod in the inner base, add your favorite essential oils and push in the small bottom cap. Then screw on/off the upper/outer cover. Let the essential oils absorb into the cotton rod for several minutes. Then simply remove the cover and place the inhaler near your nose and gently inhale. You can use this as often as you feel is necessary.

  • 6 Screw on top outer covers
  • 6 Inner inhaler housing
  • 6 extra large wicks
  • 6 wick plugs
  • 6 Clear, heat shrink, tamper evident sleeves
  • 1 - 3 ml graduated transfer pipette.
Price:  10
Status:  available

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