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Unused set

Includes a .17 oz (about 1/8 oz or 4 ml) bottle of Shalimar Initial eau de parfum, which is almost full. And a 1 oz tube of Shalimar parfum Initial delicate body lotion. They smell delicious! Doesn't include any type of box.

$ 20   Purchase


1 1/2 oz Cologne spray NIB

I have two of these gorgeous perfume sprays available. I removed the cellophane on one box to show the bottle inside. These are from the late 1960s, and the scent is the best of all versions of L'Heure Bleue. Trust me, I have smelled hundreds of bottles, this is the best scent. And these are in excellent condition with no evaporation. If you think you only like parfum you should try one of these sprays. You will be hooked like me on L'Heure Bleue Cologne sprays. They last and you can wear it on your clothes and smell divinely all day and night.

Price is for one bottle.

$ 95   Purchase

1 oz EDT Splash

Still sealed with a cellophane wrap around stopper. Slight evaporation.

$ 100   Purchase

No bottle included

Includes the case and tubes for the atomizer bottle, which are in the white envelope shown. No bottle with this case, but click on link above to see a photo of what the bottle would look like if you want to replace the bottle. This is from 1970.

$ 40   Purchase

1/4 oz Extrait with box

1/4 oz Mitsouko in the umbrella bottle. Perfume smells wonderful! Box is in great condition. Label is missing.

$ 80   Purchase

1 1/2 oz EDT Splash

Smells wonderful.

$ 40   Purchase

Micro Mini

Incredibly wonderful perfume. Hard to find and very expensive when you do find it. If you haven't smelled Nahema, you should.

$ 20   Listed

1 oz Eau de Parfum spray

Nice bottle, and great perfume lightly used. I don't know the age, except to say I have had this 10 years.

$ 30   Purchase

1/2 oz Extrait

1960s 1/2 oz Amphora bottle, also referred to as the Bud Bottle. Small amount of evaporation. Bottle is sealed and still has the cellophane around the stopper. Great perfume. 1960s was a great time for Mitsouko, with loads of oakmoss! Yum! French tax stamp on bottom of bottle.

$ 250   Purchase

This stopper goes to the bottle that was designed for Mitsouko, but the same bottle housed many of the Guerlain fragrances. This stopper stands 2 1/4" tall and is most likely for the 2 oz bottle. The end of the stopper that goes into the bottle is 5/8" across and has many minor chips to the end of the stopper, nothing too serious.

$ 10   Purchase

1/2 oz Sealed Parfum Amphore

Still sealed with the its plastic wrapper. Great item! Some evaporation, but that is to be expected from a bottle from the early 1960s. Made in and bottled in France as evidenced by the tax stamp on the bottom of bottle. I personally imported it.

$ 125   Purchase

Micro Mini Parfum

Incredibly wonderful perfume. Hard to find and very expensive when you do find it. If you haven't smelled Nahema, you should.

$ 20   Purchase

2.5 oz Extrait

This is an amazing bottle of Mitsouko from the 1950s. It is a Baccarat bottle and is heavy. It was sealed until I took the photos, and when I removed the paper wrap around the stopper I accidently broke the cord. So I then tried to lift the stopper and it lifts right up. Gorgeous perfume! Box has some warping of the paper on the front of the box, probably due to moisture damage, box but the inside is beautiful golden satin.

$ 325   Purchase

1 oz Parfum in box

Crystal bottle is 50% full and the perfume is in fantastic condition! Bottle has a polished bottom and is etched Made in France and Net Contents 1 oz. I would date this to the 1960s.

$ 95   Purchase

1/3 oz Parfum

Wonderful mini perfume to sample a unique Guerlain perfume.

$ 20   Purchase

1/4 oz Parfum with box

Really wonderful smelling. Date on box says 1983. Box has a rip and a stain on top of box. Not the best presentation, although there are no stains inside the box. All glass stopper with a strip of plastic around the center of the stopper to help seal the bottle and it does work well.

$ 80   Purchase

NIB 1 oz Parfum Presentation

Here is another great present just waiting to be opened. Still sealed in cellophane, this vintage Mitsouko Parfum is from 2002 and is a great formula.

Who wouldn't love to receive this as a present?

I have two of these, one I opened the box to verify the condition of the bottle inside, it is pristine and full. Don't miss out on this. My price is lower than you will find anywhere! Retails for $325. Last photo shows what the box and bottle inside look like.

$ 250   Purchase

NIB Sealed 1/4 oz Flacon de Sac (bottle for the purse)

The "umbrella" bottle (officially known as "flacon de sac", bottle for the purse) was in use from 1952 to the end of the 1970s. Many of Guerlain's fragrances were sold in these containers. They were advertised as ideal for luxurious travel via American airlines.

Here I have a sealed 1/4 oz extrait of Shalimar. I have never removed it from the outer wrapping. A previous owner marked the date on the outer wrapper as 1968.

Many perfumistas claim the perfume in these umbrella bottles as the best version of Shalimar. I agree, as I have several. Outstanding! Extrait is the highest concentration you can buy. If you want an opened bottle, email me as I have many opened bottles, with and without their boxes.

$ 160   Purchase

1 oz Extrait in the Amphora bottle

This is the largest size of the amphora bottle and this is still sealed. Smell around the neck is drop dead gorgeous! This has an all glass stopper and a French tax stamp on the bottom.

Last photo shows this bottle next to the normal 1/2 oz size bottles so you can see the difference in the cut and size of this bottle.

$ 170   Purchase

1 oz Parfum French Formula

Crystal bottle with French Tax stamp on bottom of bottle. Purple flocked box is in great condition. I spilled a small amount in box. It will probably dry ok. Juice is excellent! I would date this to late 60s early 70s. About 65% full.

$ 100   Purchase

1/4 oz Purser with box

Very nice 1/4 oz Chant d'Aromes in a spray bottle. Still lots of use left for a lucky lady. Bottle is refillable and includes instructions. Chant d'Aromes is a wonderful chypre from the 1960s.

$ 76   Purchase

1/2 oz Extrait

Beautiful condition with both boxes. This is from the 1960s and is just wonderful.

Chant d'Aromes is a beautiful, soft chypre that may be more wearable to some people, than the beautiful L'Heure Bleue. I love the spicy slap in the face of L'Heure Bleue, as I wait for the luxurious drydown of powder. But Chant D'Aromes is too beautiful to slap you, it merely bows to you, and says, follow me as we daydream together. I agree with a review I read that Chant D'Aromes is more of a 50s perfume than the rebellious, attention getters of the 60s through the 80s. I could easily see Audrey Hepburn wearing this one, with her short white gloves and poodle skirts. Very sophisticated and yet, not overly sweet or seductive. It reminds me a little like a less condensed, vintage Joy in the opening, but the drydown is closer to a softer, less spicy L'Heure Bleue.

$ 170   Purchase

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